Find a vaccine friendly doctor near you!

Have you ever had a hard time finding a vaccine friendly doctor

Ever wonder why?

95% of any profession does no more than the bare minimum to stay licensed.  Vaccine risk education isn’t required for a medical license, so most doctors choose to be uneducated about it.  The more they hear about vaccine risks, the more they will close their ears and call it misinformation.

95% of doctors are vaccine risk deniers – fire them!

Before my first child was born, we interviewed many pediatricians until we finally found somebody acceptable.  Four years later, at a local co-op preschool, I overheard a conversation and learned of a much friendlier pediatrician just a few miles farther out.  

Only about 0.5% of any profession are deeply committed to lifelong learning and solving difficult problems until they get to the truth.  These people are hard to find because they are busy digging deep into their work and rarely market themselves.

When you need a doctor who has at least some knowledge of vaccine risks, uses their critical thinking capabilities to provide individualized healthcare (instead of check-box medicine) and respects your vaccine choices — you will never, ever find them in the 95 percent.

But you may just find one here.

We just launched a new service in order to make finding a vaccine friendly doctor near you as easy as possible:

Enjoy!  And let us know what you think.  

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–Chris & the VaxCalc research team