Get vaccinated or wear a mask

Get vaccinated or wear a mask

President Biden ordered the American people to “get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do.”

Translation: roll-up your sleeve and take experimental gene-therapy that turns your cells into vaccine producing factories. Otherwise, you will not breathe fresh air as nature intended. You will inhale your own exhaust. You will publicly identify yourself as a threat.

Where did this dangerous, twisted, tyrannical policy emerge from?

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Facebook censorship

I woke up to the news of more Facebook censorship. At this point, you just want to yawn. (But don’t! Stay alert.)

The CA Vaccine Truth FB group questioned COVID vaccine safety. As a result, Facebook shut them down.

I also read that the group founders will try again… on Facebook! Hopefully avoiding keywords that trigger vaccine-risk censorship. 

Why try again with Facebook?  It’s like going back to an abusive spouse hoping to find different words to not trigger his anger.  It will not work. 

If you – or somebody you know – runs a vaccine risk awareness community: there is a better way!

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COVID-19 vaccine injury analysis

According to VAERS, it is possible that the COVID-19 vaccines have caused more injury than any other vaccine in history.

As of today, VAERS has 960,633 total reports. VAERS data goes back 31 years to 1990. In less than six months, COVID-19 vaccines make up 27.6% of all reports.

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REI requires unvaccinated over the age of two to wear masks

REI at Bailey’s Crossroads automated phone greeting: “To encourage the health and wellness of customers and employees, we require all unvaccinated customers over the age of two to wear protective face coverings”

For falling into line with CDC propaganda and adding to the pressure to use an experimental vaccine without asking important questions, REI has earned a place in the Hall of Shame.

Serious allergies and Covid vaccine

Serious allergies are a potentially life-threatening immune system imbalance. Science has shown that not only can vaccines harm people with serious allergies, vaccines can also cause serious allergies.

3 adult-doses of Benadryl and 24 hours after 1/4 dime-sized portion of peanut butter. She has carried an epi-pen for 16 years since this reaction.
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