Post-vaccination Crohn’s disease

It is a well-established fact that only 1% of vaccine reactions are reported. Here is an example of a post-vaccination adverse health outcome that should have been reported but was not.

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The following is taken from email communications with a VaxCalc user (somebody whom I consider a warrior and friend) and published with her permission.

Our grandson was with us for the weekend and got a bad stomach ache. I took him to Urgent Care and the doctor said that he should be admitted to the hospital for an appendectomy (he had surgery but nothing was wrong with his appendix). Grandson later told me he had had 6 vaccines at once 3-4 weeks before.

Why six vaccines at once? To get into the local college, he was required to get these vaccines, because he did not receive any after his brother was diagnosed at 2 with nonverbal autism.

The doctor convinced him getting 6 at once was not a problem.

Later, I asked the surgeon if receiving 6 vaccines at once a few weeks before might have caused the problem. He told me quite adamantly “not now nor would it ever have an effect.” This was several weeks after when some fluid came back confirming Crohn’s disease.

The surgeon’s unscientific opinion on whether or not vaccines might have caused Crohn’s disease is unfortunate. Every adverse health outcome post-vaccination should be reported to VAERS so that causal relationships can be discovered. We cannot rely on doctors or other healthcare professionals to do this. It’s all up to YOU: patients, parents and caregivers.

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If you happen to make a report to VAERS and have technical problems, contact us for support. If successful, please find out the VAERS id and send it to us.

As of 04/04/2020, there are 169 reports of post-vaccination Crohn’s disease in VAERS.