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Our customer: the vaccine hesitant

There is literally no support for people who want to make their own decisions, schedules and plans. For me, this isn’t so much to meet people where they are at (while i do agree that is useful and important) – it is to support choice – as in: wow, I do have choices, it’s my responsibility to choose and if I don’t actively choose, somebody else is going to choose for me.

Another way of putting it is: if you don’t have a plan for yourself (or your children), somebody else has a plan for you.

Peering through the eyes of the public health industry, this is who we want to reach with the planner, the “vaccine hesitant”:

There is a TON of effort to move the “vaccine hesitant” closer and closer toward “Accept All”. (Effort could be respectful persuasion, guilt, fear, manipulation, social shaming or compulsion.)

Free people have choices. The planner is meant to support thinking and acting in terms of choice – even when (especially when!) there is resistance to making one’s own choices.

Our approach: custom vaccination plans

Freemium approach: allow free use to get a taste of what is possible. Not sure yet where we will add limits.

Most people don’t realize that pediatricians push the entire CDC “recommended schedule” for children, yet very few school systems require the full schedule. So VaxCalc will have a plan for every state in the US. Each state gets a visible rating from 0-10. Zero means no vaccination requirements. 10 means every vaccine in the schedule is required. This is part of our mission to educate our customers that different states (as well as different countries) have different vaccination requirements.

Each month where there are vaccines represents a single doctor appointment at which all those vaccines will be given. VaxCalc will make it easy to click-and-discover all the ingredients that will be injected.

We will encourage parents to space-out the vaccines with drag-and-drop ease to discover how much the chemical-burden is reduced by doing so. A few key ingredients will be shown visually in small graph form.

Parents can use the Planner to create multiple plans in advance of an appointment, or even create one on the fly with their doctor.


  1. Enter name and birth date
  2. Select a vaccine schedule (typically the state where you live)
  3. See suggestions for spacing out vaccines, finding a vaccine-choice friendly doctor
  4. A week (and also 3 days) before the appointment, email and text will be sent with a Recognize Vaccine Reaction form for review, printing.
  5. A day after the appointment, 3 days after, 1 week later, 2 weeks later — check in via email/text to see if any reaction was noticed and if health seems ok. (If not, report to VAERS link and call your doctor)

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