Facebook censorship

I woke up to the news of more Facebook censorship. At this point, you just want to yawn. (But don’t! Stay alert.)

An informed-consent FB group questioned COVID vaccine safety. As a result, Facebook shut them down.

I also read that the group founders will try again… on Facebook! Hopefully avoiding keywords that trigger vaccine-risk censorship. 

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CNN/Money article that FaceBook forbids

December 1996, CNN/Money

The lethal dangers of the billion-dollar vaccine business with government approval, drug companies sell vaccines that can leave your child brain damaged, can spread polio from your baby to you–and can even kill. Safer stuff is available. Here’s why you haven’t been getting it.

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FDA: risks of DNA from cell lines used in vaccines

According to the FDA, “Viral vaccines and biological products contain contaminating residual DNA from cell substrate… DNA is a biologically active molecule whose activities pose a significant risk to vaccinees; thus, the amount of DNA needs to be limited and its activities reduced”

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Our child died of an adverse reaction to the hepatitis B vaccine

This beautiful tribute website to baby Ian, who died from a Hep-B vaccine adverse reaction, has been down for many months, possibly years. However – we captured it a few years ago along with the Vaccine Court acknowledgement that the vaccine did indeed cause his death.

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USA Today: Measles in 1988, no fear, 75% of cases in vaccinated kids

USA TODAY, September 2, 1988. Measly figure: Measles decreased 42% in the USA last year to 3,655 cases, reports the national Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta. That’s the first drop in four years since the record low of 1,497 cases in ’83. Nearly three-fourths of the cases were patients, mostly children, who’d been vaccinated but got measles anyway.

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Dr Bob Sears list of vaccine-friendly doctors

Find a vaccine friendly doctor NEAR you!

Find a vaccine-choice friendly doctor near you!

Do you want to find a doctor who won’t bully you or try to pressure you into a one-size-fits-all vaccine schedule? A doctor who supports YOUR vaccine choices? Including the choice to not vaccinate?

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