Facebook censorship

I woke up to the news of more Facebook censorship. At this point, you just want to yawn. (But don’t! Stay alert.)

An informed-consent FB group questioned COVID vaccine safety. As a result, Facebook shut them down.

I also read that the group founders will try again… on Facebook! Hopefully avoiding keywords that trigger vaccine-risk censorship. 

Facebook censors you either way

Every informed-consent group on FB needs a continual contact-building, backup and exit strategy.

Even when you’re not shut down, Facebook drastically limits the reach of “vaccine hesitant” postings

Zuckerberg is smirking: no better way to keep them spinning their wheels!

I love it when you keep posting vaccine-risk messages on Facebook. It gives our artificial intelligence algorithms an endless supply of text to learn from. We just keep getting better.

You will be de-platformed

If you run a vaccine-risk awareness Facebook group, or an email list for informed consent activism: you are at immediate risk of being shutdown without warning.

Oh – you’re not just shutdown. You’re locked out. You lose everything! If you haven’t backed up your email list… it’s gone. If you don’t have everybody’s contact info… too bad, so sad. Poof!

The point isn’t just Facebook censorship. They are trying to inflict maximum damage on us.

You know what is craziest about all this? NOBODY in our community has been preparing! Even though the writing has been on the wall for years.

As a result, you put hundreds of hours into building up a Facebook group, only to have it destroyed – again. 

What now?

We must control the platform! And guess what? We do!

If you need a safe home for your community, I invite you to migrate to the VaxCalc Forum. Just a few of the benefits are:

  • You will never, ever be shutdown
  • We handle mass migrations easily
  • No censorship
  • We are not scared of different health choices
  • Private groups
  • Thoughtful, civilized discussion (a skill we need to encourage!)
  • Trusted members can invite people they trust
  • We are resilient (daily backups to multiple locations)
  • Automated alert systems (we know within one minute if VxF is down)

Informed Consent Technology

Big Tech invites you onto their platforms, monitors what you say, censors what you can read, and controls content to increase vaccine-compliance.  

VaxCalc’s mission is to build a censorship-free, information sharing, supportive vaccine-choice community. We use technology for freedom. 

I understand the temptation to use Facebook – everybody is on it. 

The good news is that you can turn that to your advantage. Smirk back at Zuckerberg.

Leverage Facebook by using posts to attract people to your VxF community. As a result, you get the best of both worlds: reach people who need to hear your message, and provide them with a permanent, safe, welcoming virtual home.  

To discuss in more detail, email me: chris@vaxcalc.org


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