VaxBot: rapidly safety-check a vaccine

One of the first people to see what VaxBot can do called it “a super crucial tool especially for those being forced to vaccinate and watching for reactions.”

What is VaxBot?

NEW DEVELOPMENT (4/19/2020): VaxBot has been given a massive upgrade and moved to the web. It is no longer a text-based service. We found that VaxCalc customers need powerful search with detailed results. Try VaxBot for yourself:

VaxBot is the best way to quickly check the safety profile of any vaccine by it’s lot number.  All you do is send VaxBot a text.

The VaxBot command list and FAQs can be found here.

Why is a vaccine’s lot number so important?

As the FDA pointed out: “Most drugs consist of pure chemical substances and their structures are known. Most biologics, however, are complex mixtures that are not easily identified or characterized.”

Vaccines are chemically treated biologics; it is impossible to guarantee that different lots are the same.  Lot numbers help manage the safety risks presented by this uncertainty by tracing problems back to specific lots of ingredients and antigens.

Although the vaccine industry denies it, some lots are necessarily more reactive than others. These are called “hot lots.”   

There is no way to avoid creating hot lots, and vaccine manufacturers do their best to hide them by spreading the same lot all over the country instead of sending all to any one geographical region where clusters of problems would be much easier for doctors and parents to recognize.

How then can YOU know what you or your child is actually getting?  

There is now a very simple solution just for you.  

Step 1: in the doctor’s office, before the shots, request the lot numbers

Step 2: send a text to VaxBot with the lot number

It is really that easy.

It is so easy that you can try it right now. VaxBot’s text number is 202-875-6690.  Text the following to VaxBot:

Lot N97936

VaxBot will do a rapid search of all vaccine reactions reported to the US government, summarize it’s findings, and send you a concise report – literally, within seconds (just as the picture below illustrates):

VaxBot rapid reporting when you need it most!

UPDATE 03-27-2020: 69.07% of VaxBot queries are successful. “Success” means that the lot number has been found.

UPDATE 03-30-2020: We’ve received questions from parents whose children have vaccination records where the pediatric practice did not record lot numbers. This is a violation of federal law. If you think your doctor might not provide the lot number, print out this article from the Immunization Action Coalition for the doctor. If the doctor still refuses, request their medical license number and file a complaint with the state medical licensing board.