Our privacy policy: “none of your damn business”

Making use of privacy-stealing services is an easy trap to fall into, even for informed consent non-profits that are being censored by the parent companies of the very services they are using!

For example, one informed consent organization I know and love (and there are many) shows up like this in my Firefox browser:

Yikes! Lots of hidden trackers from companies CENSORING vaccine risk info!

Here at VaxCalc, we believe strongly in the “it’s none of your damn business” approach to living life.

We will never, ever sell nor disclose your information to anybody. Period.

VaxCalc websites do not make use of Google analytics, Youtube, Facebook or any other deceptive social media plug-ins that track you and then sell your information to advertisers.

We do make use of Matomo analytics (an open source product that we trust) to measure success/failure of our ideas. All data is automatically deleted after 6 months.

However – VaxCalc provides you with advanced Privacy settings so that you can turn Matomo off.

This is what Firefox shows for VaxCalc: no hidden trackers!

Every day, we do more to protect your privacy. Because the only answer to nosy people, nosy doctors and nosy governments who want to know if you or your children are vaccinated is: it’s none of your damn business!

VaxCalc supports your right to choose all recommended vaccines, just some, or no vaccines at all.