Calculate total amount of ALL vaccine ingredients ever received

We often receive questions about how to calculate the total amount of vaccine ingredients ever received. Let’s do this now for a fully vaccinated 12 month old baby. The 2019 CDC recommended schedule shows us how many doses of each vaccine the doctor will (want to) give:

CDC schedule, 2019

Make sure that you’re signed into VaxCalc, and then click this link to go to Advanced Settings. Turn “Calculate multiple doses” on:

VaxCalc advanced settings

Next, click the flasks in the upper left corner to go to the start of your calculations:

Fill in the data for the person being vaccinated (as shown above), then click the green Calculate button.

Next, it takes just a few minutes to fill in the multiple does of each vaccine. In this case, our 12 month old received every vaccine except for the flu shot. Note in the upper right corner of the screenshot below, VaxCalc shows that our 12 month old has received “29 doses of 13 vaccines given in 20 shots, containing multiple doses of 38 ingredients.”

VaxCalc multiple-dose entry

VaxCalc’s analysis shows that our fully-vaccinated 12 month old could have received up to 4,050 mcg of aluminum:

To give you a sense of how much 4,050 mcg actually is for an average, healthy 12-month old infant – using FDA regulations of 4 to 5 mcg/kg/day maximum for ingested aluminum given to premature neonates, VaxCalc calculates a “possibly safe” amount of injected aluminum at any one office visit.

4,050 mcg is really quite a lot of aluminum to receive in just 12 months given that a “possibly safe” amount might be 41 mcg per office visit and that CDC research shows that injected aluminum can remain in the body for up to 50 years.

Just like health-conscious adults count calories when they want to optimize their health by not eating too much, so too should we know exactly what is being injected into our bodies and our children’s bodies. If we choose to not know, then we are choosing to accept whatever is given – which can be very risky.

As you can see, it only takes a few minutes to calculate the total vaccine ingredient body-burden using VaxCalc.