Fear, censorship and mandates

Every business, whether it knows it or not, has a theory of the business (an idea that originated with Peter Drucker). As the article points out, the theory needs to be constantly tested and occasionally changed to fit reality. 

Our theory is that…

with enough actionable information presented as configurable choices available to enough people, the monolithic, one-size-fits-all CDC schedule will crumble into a thousand pieces.

Some will choose all vaccines. Others will choose just some vaccines. And there will be some who choose no vaccines at all.

Pharma’s theory is that vaccines will provide an ever-increasing revenue stream and be viewed just as good a medical wonder as the original polio vaccine was. 

This theory is obviously beginning to crack, which is why they are falling back upon fear, censorship and mandates.  All three are an abomination and in the long-run, fueled by greed, they are the greatest weakness because deep down all people want to be free and to do what’s best for their children.