Ever wonder how CDC trains pediatricians to think and talk?

Want a look inside look at how the CDC is training pediatricians to think about and to talk with “hesitant” parents about vaccines? 

CDC has already closed off access to the presentation slides, but in keeping with our mission of making censored vaccine information available to the public, we have a copy here.  (H/T to Dan T.)

The big message that CDC is teaching pediatricians is that if a parent does not fully vaccinate their child on-time with every vaccine in the CDC recommended schedule, that this decision is based upon fear and misinformation that the parent probably found in social media.

Moreover, this happens because parents spend so much time in social media and very little time talking with the doctor.

CDC’s Strategies for Addressing Vaccine Misinformation in the Practice is highly recommended reading for parents who want to be prepared by looking behind the curtain.

The webinar was captured and put online here. (Double H/T to Dan T.)