Tools to fight censorship

This is a continually updated listing of tools, technologies, techniques and resources we use to circumvent censorship and prevent illegal, unconstitutional surveillance. America at it’s best always has the courage to stand for freedom.

Our very favorite anti-surveillance tool is Signal. It encrypts texts and phone calls. You can even create self-destructing messages.

Drop Chrome and use the Brave browser. Brave is built upon the same code base, but with much better built-in privacy protections. So if you love Chrome’s functionality (like I do), you won’t lose a thing.

The VaxCalc global online community provides people with protection from censorship. We support the right to choose all, just some, or no vaccines at all. We encourage open discussion, welcome questions, value sharing our views, experiences and personal research. We do not fear different choices.

Download your own copy of any Youtube using 4kdownload. We use it and recommend it.

For a uncensored, free-speech Youtube alternative, check out Rumble.

To setup your own email list management system, try open source Mailtrain. VaxCalc is using it; so far, we’re happy. We no longer use Mailtrain and do not recommend it it. We have another approach to bring auto-responders in-house. Contact us for more info about this.

If you have successfully used other tools to fight censorship, please tell us about them via

UPDATED: May 14, 2021